Promoting Nikki!

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Promoting Nikki!

Post  Loz x on Thu Nov 20, 2008 11:10 am

I made a blog about this on the fan page i made but thought i would share it with everyone on the forum!!

Basically I have come up with the idea of all of us creating a way to promote Nikki and i have come up with my own ideas such as;

- Give out flyers at gigs

- Word of mouth

- Posters

- Radio advertisements

But i would like your input too and i asked Nikki about giving out flyers at gigs and stuff and she said aswell as that however gives the best idea gets a flyer but i guess we all should spread the word either way so PM Nikki or if you have her on facebook/myspace either one give her a bell won't take two secs!!

I just want to promote Nikki the best way as possible so with your help we'll be getting some where for defanite and Nikki and me will appreciate it!

Thanks guys!!


Loz x

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